How To Report Players?!?

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How To Report Players?!? Empty How To Report Players?!?

Post by Makaveli on Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:19 am

Hello Everyone!

Your report claim should follow this format.

If you see any payers or even the staff breaking any of the Extreme-Rose Online Rules, please don't be afraid to report them. All claims will be taken seriously so make sure you have sufficient evidence to prove your claim. By evidence I mean taking screen shots, lots of  screen shots. Being descriptive as possible of the events leading to the issue, during and after.

**Warning** If you submit false claims you will be banned from the forums and In-game permanently.

Format For Submitting A Report

Player Being Reported & Time Of Action:

What Rule Was Broken:

Who Was Involved:

Events Leading To Problem:

Describe What exactly the Problem was:

Link Screenshots:

-Extreme-Rose Staff

How To Report Players?!? 2pac_d11

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