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Game Master Application

Post by Xenon on Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:45 am

GM Application forum

What is your in game name: Xenon
What Country are you from: Philippines
How long have you been playing rose online: I have been playing Rose Online for 7 years already.
How are you with other people: I'm good with other people, I've been elected as President of our School Council during high school because I am good at managing and disciplining other students like me.
Have you had any previous experience being a GM: I do. I've become a Game Master in JRose and EGMRose although this servers are not famous like the other servers I've gained a lot of experience being a Game Master and the commands are still written in my Notes so I can still use them.
How many hours do you play every day: During weekdays I can play 4-5 hours but in weekends I can play 5-6 hours except Sunday because I'm attending mass every Sunday. Smile
Why would you like to be a GM: I decided to apply as a GM because I saw the potential of this server and I would like to help this server grow, manage and discipline players and of course help you with the things that you need to do in game because I know you still don't have a Dev. and the admin is the one who is doing all the works, so I want to help him in maintaining order in game.
Anything Else: I would appreciate it if you give me a shot. I will never fail you admin, I'll do all I can to help this server. Goodluck and Happy Gaming  Very Happy 

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