Wiplive's application for GM

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Wiplive's application for GM

Post by Wiplive on Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:42 am

Hello everyone, so this is my application for Game Master.

What is your in game name: Wiplive

What Country are you from & Time zone: I live in Latvia, and the timezone there is GMT +2 (Eastern European Time Zone)

How long have you been playing rose online: Well, I've started playing R.O.S.E. Online back in 2008. It was very long time ago, then I played for like a year or two, lost interest in it for about a one year. In about 2011 I started playing this awesome game again, I think it was in DarkCoreRose, in which I was Forum Moderator. I was there for no idea how long :DAnd now for the past months I've been playing on Furia Rose, and as you can see, now I got here.

How are you with other people: Well, I can't really judge myself, because that would be selfish, but I seem to get a long people just fine, helping them, if they have any questions, answering them. I help as much as I can. Smile

Have you had any previous experience being a GM: Not exactly as GM, but I was a Forum Moderator at DarkCoreRose (If I remember correctly, there has been many ROSE's I've played in my ROSE "career" Very Happy).

How many hours do you play every day: Really depends on the day, usually I'll play from 2 to 5 hours on weekdays, and on weekends I'll probably nolife, like, really nolife.

Why would you like to be a GM: As this is a new server, I really would like to help the server grow, since the ROSE community is really lacking a choice between many servers, I hope that this community will some day be among the biggest communities in the world of ROSE Online.

Anything Else: You can contact with me on skype: matooo321 if you ever need anything from me.

~ Thanks! Wink

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