SpaceBar's GM Application

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SpaceBar's GM Application

Post by SpaceBar on Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:18 am

In Game Name (IGN) : SpaceBar

What Country are you from & Time zone : I'm from Philippines, GMT+8 Hours

How long have you been playing rose online : I'm new here but if you ask me on general I've been playing rose for like 3-5 years or sumthin.

How are you with other people : I've been good with other players since I'm friendly to others Smile

Have you had any previous experience being a GM? : I've got no experience but I know the GM Commands cuz I love reading it and trying it like a dumbass.... But I'll do everything I can to help other people and promote this game to other people like my Classmates , Friends and even to other people I don't know.. Smile

How many hours do you play every day : For a student like me I play for like 3-6 hours but if I'm on vacation like Summer or semestral break I play for like 24/7 Razz

Why would you like to be a GM : I would like to become a GM to help upgrade our community grow even faster by advertising to others and even help other people know other things they don't know like where to level as a usual question Razz

Anything Else? : I have lots of patience to help a person who is in need as I am thought by my friends , teachers and my family Smile

So yeah this is my application FOR THE FIRST TIME I hope I could become one as my old dream SmileVery Happy


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