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Post by king23 on Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:49 am

What is your in game name:ImMrYomi

What Country are you from: From phillippines
How long have you been playing rose online:like i play rose online for 5 years.
How are you with other people: i want to be a GM in Extreme Rose online because i want to help players with problems.
Have you had any previous experience:well i think i know most of them for example:/kick, /item, /levelup, /givezuly, /goto, /teletome, /give2, /ban and much more....
How many hours do you play every day:In one weeks from now our summer vacation (72 days) begins so I will be online most of the day.
And when its not a holiday I can be online for like 6 hours at weekdays, and at weekends I can be online for like 8-10 hours.
Why would you like to be a Moderator:I Want To Be A GM Becuase I Want To Help Players Out And Do Events. And I Want To See People Have Fun At Extreme Rose. And I Like To See People Be Respectfull To Each Another. And I Will Be At A Look Out For People Who Are Abusing Bugs Or People Who Are Hacking
Anything Else:im friendly, nice, i love to help other people, i love playing in my computer,,,

that was my GM application, hope you loved it



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