FundaeCone. GM Application

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FundaeCone. GM Application

Post by fundaecone. on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:55 am

What is your in game name: FundaeCone
What Country are you from: Philippines
How long have you been playing rose online: 3 Years
How are you with other people: I can easily communicate with other people and I'm really friendly
Have you had any previous experience being a GM: I have no experience yet at being a GM in a ROSE Server, but as of now i'm still an active Admin on a Public Channel on RGC which host online DOTA games.
How many hours do you play every day: like 5-6 hrs it does depend on my school schedule
Why would you like to be a GM: I deserve to be a GM not just because I'm new to this kind of business but I'm deserved to be a part of your community because I am always active and willing to help to those in need and to develop my skills in this community not just a player but also a GM that they can lean on whenever there's in trouble.

Anything Else:My motivation is motivating others with me. Also personal success, but it's nice not leaving others in the dust and bring them up with you succeeding together.

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