Moderator Application Form... (Hehe)

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Moderator Application Form... (Hehe) Empty Moderator Application Form... (Hehe)

Post by chowafu on Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:17 am

What is your in game name : SpaceBar   (Applying Again)
What Country are you from : Philippines (GMT +8 )
How long have you been playing rose online : I've been playing rose online for 3-5 years (I guess it's between 3-6 years tho)
How are you with other people : I've created alot of friends since I came here and uhhmm I just got back after reading something and now I'm going to create new ones (Not that many but just the guys I can trust Very Happy)
Have you had any previous experience : I'm now training to become a GM and I've readed some informations about on how to create your own private server (I'm not really going to create on I'm just having more informations so I can be familiarize about sumthin more I don't know...) But if you can give me a CHANCE to become a GM I promise to be honest , helpful and I will never break rules.
How many hours do you play every day : Since it's near to be summer season I'm now going to play for about 7-11 Hours a day! Very Happy(But sometimes not so don't depend on me too much ^^)
Why would you like to be a Moderator : I want to become a Moderator to create a new background and to become a GM on other servers to enhance my skills on moderating some servers and helping it to become a well known community (Not that famous lol)
Anything Else? : If you can give me a chance to become a GM can ya please ask some GM's to help me memorize all the GM commands? Very Happy

That's my Game Moderator application... I hope to become one now  Embarassed  Smile   Razz

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