Extravaganda gm Application

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Extravaganda gm Application

Post by Extravaganda on Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:35 am

GM Application forum

What is your in game name: Extravaganda
What Country are you from: philippines
How long have you been playing rose online: As long as I remember I started since 2008
How are you with other people: I'm very good with people around me I encourage them to do things right and communicate with them well. Being friends with them and let them have fun in game. Inviting lots and lots of my friends in game. I'm so fair with players around me and help them with my knowledge of rose online  Very Happy 
Have you had any previous experience being a GM: Yes, I have my own private server
How many hours do you play every day:
Why would you like to be a GM: I've been always wanted this position because I know that I can be a good example to the players and helping them for everything that I know in this server. I will always be a good Player or Staff to everyone.
Anything Else: I promise to this server that this will get a'lot of players I will invite all my friends here and I will fulfil my position very well  Smile 

Thanks Smile


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