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Simayi's Application For Mod Empty Simayi's Application For Mod

Post by SimaYi on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:10 am

What is your in game name: SimaYi

What Country are you from:Philippines

How long have you been playing rose online: I've been playing and exploring the world of rose online Since 2007 and yet that time rose online is not free to play. >.<

How are you with other people: Well its great I love meeting new friends and ppl because it help my communication skills even better and also I like helping and giving advice to some newbie and to some ppl who has question I can support

Have you had any previous experience: For Forum moderator: Yes I've been moderating forums lately ; For In Game Moderator in Rose : Yes I do, I've been  a Game moderator in several private servers of Rose.

How many hours do you play every day: 3-6 hours weekdays and for weekends 8 to 24 maybe but it depends on how on what Im doing in game.

Why would you like to be a Moderator: I really don't have any idea what moderator do here because lately for the past servers i played most moderator was doing the Event Mod stuff and Securing stuff and the GM staff will do the "General stuff" but still I want to be a Moderator to help and maximize the enjoyment of our server and minimize the bored stuff and to have more players also by making those part

Anything Else:  Having this position is a big role so I will do as what this position need to do for our server <3.

P.s : Feel Free to give Comments and Reactions Very Happy

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