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GM Application

Post by Kirito on Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:27 pm

What is your ingame name?: My ingame name is Kirito
What Country are you From?: I'm from the Philippines
How long have you been playing Rose Online?: I've been playing Rose Online for 4 Years
How are you with other people?: I'm a fun person to be with. I can relate with other players. I can be approached anytime.
Have you had any experience being a GM?: Yes and I know the limits of a GM on what to do and what a GM shouldn't do.
How many hours do you play everyday?: I make sure that I should at least once a day to check on the server but I usually play for 4-6 hours.
Why would you like to be a GM?: I would like to be a GM because I would like to help in anyway I can and be the best GM our fellow players want.
Anything else?: I will do my best for this server and I will accomplish any task given to me. I will make sure that the players are having fun, happy, and guided.


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