Zephyr GM application

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Zephyr GM application

Post by [GM]Zephyr on Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:02 am

What is your in game name:So my IGN is Zephyr
What Country are you from:Im from Indonesia
How long have you been playing rose online:6 years
How are you with other people:well people said that im cute Razz but idk the truth is..,attractive,nice,helpful,wise, i speak 4 different languages(fluent) which means that i can easily communicate with other people
Have you had any previous experience being a GM:ive been a dev twice on different roseonlines but i retired for 1 year and then i came back Very Happy but at this time im not intrested again and prefer being a GM
How many hours do you play every day:7-8hours and this also depends on my school schedule
Why would you like to be a GM:I know rose online so well,because i have much experience in it,know my job as a GM so well and the most important is i know what i do and im responsable to everything i do,and i think this rose needed some improvements physically(every stuffs in-game/everything related to the server) and non physic(like total people online etc...)
Anything Else:i make a desicion wisely as possible,once i made a desicion you cant manipulate me anymore:D, if u want to ask something feel free to ask.. i will answer everything i could

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