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BEE`s MOD Application Empty BEE`s MOD Application

Post by bee357 on Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:47 am

What is your in game name: QQBEEQQ [downloading the server and almost done]

What Country are you from: Philippines

How long have you been playing rose online: to be exact, 6 years.

How are you with other people: Well, to be honest, I am a graduate of Business Administration Major in Management which is this course deals not only in business but also managing people. I can help this server in managing and not only that, can help some tips of how to market and to be able to achieve the goals. For me, my edge is that, i am can speak Tagalog and fluent in English so I can communicate to all people easily.

Have you had any previous experience: And i`d rather say Yes to this, i became one of the GM`s in Sunshine Rose.

How many hours do you play every day: Well i guess i can be online 5-7hours a day. But if there is something that must be done, i would rather finish it first to avoid complication.

Why would you like to be a Moderator: Well, for me first thing first, i wanted to be a gm but since when i scanned through the sites, i found that there were a lot of application already and that is why i decided to apply for MOD since i believed that being a moderator required a good communication skills, i believe that i am good at it and i want to practice it more also Smile

Anything Else: Stay Strong, Keep your head up, never look down :)go Extreme ROSE Online!


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BEE`s MOD Application Empty Re: BEE`s MOD Application

Post by ZeroUAE_ on Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:43 pm

Bee was a GM in SunShine Rose and I'm the one who assigned him when I was the server's Admin there. I'd recommend him to be a part of this server's staff since he has the 2 most important things in a staff member. Loyalty and being Active.


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