[GM]Dr.Death ... You're a Mo-fo!!, cheap hacker!!

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[GM]Dr.Death ... You're a Mo-fo!!, cheap hacker!! Empty [GM]Dr.Death ... You're a Mo-fo!!, cheap hacker!!

Post by jrm1987 on Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:43 pm

You're the one who've been toying us this past couple of days. At first, you're giving free items and now, making fun our accounts.

LoL, i hope you'll read this, this is the only game you can hack?? and a private server..lol!! and not monitored by the staffs..lol...

Well take your TIME playing around the game with your cheap minions...ITS ALL YOURS!! .... LoL!!

You're lucky that I don't know your in person!! .. .. ..


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