Part time GM Applcation

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Part time GM Applcation

Post by sirice on Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:36 am

Well i go by my own preference of questions.... now i say part time? weird right.... mostly cause i wont be fully active every day after 3 weeks time, cause of Uni / work... but i have days i can support.

IGN: SirIce
Have reborn?: A few times now.. at least 13 times now.
Your knowledge about rose: ill say about 90% but it leaks out... its hard to contain that much information

why be an gm?:
Well i can teach some the TGM on how to actually be an real gm for starters Also i can help support the Dev team on free time with every / Any questions they may have about client / Client editing. As i will not have the time available as i use to to be an Full dev cause of upcoming university. This might be next best thing.

What can you do for us?:
For starters i can setup an GM application quiz. This quiz is design to place you in selective scenarios and time events that can happen in the game... there never is wrong reply to any question.. but how you present it.
I am also able to setup website support, Game support, Development support. New events as well as Ideas / Suggestions on servers path way... Given i get time to set them up!.

Have you worked on an rose server before:

About you?:
i can be an pain in the ass as i get bored.... witch can be often...
have / own just about every rose tool under the sun. but i can never pass any of it out.
often work on the EVO source code in spare time.. i think i have it about 70% working now.
If you are staff who look corrupt..... i will crush you regardless of rank / staff... nothing kills a server faster than corrupt staff and i like to play the game!.
I AM NOT HERE TO BE YOUR DEV. I am been very clear on this.. ill give help / knowledge... i wont work on your files. i have my own MMORPG developments to handle that are not rose related

Why Us?:
True real honesty... cause i felt like it... I am not after huge large servers i like the peaceful life. Not saying you wont become large... just at the moment its nice and peaceful.


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