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GM Application

Post by Serco on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:12 am

What is your in game name:  Serco.

What Country are you from  England UK.

How long have you been playing rose online:  I have been playing since the official Rose-Online started.

How are you with other people: Very good I treat people with respect and I expect people to have respect for me.

Have you had any previous experience being a GM:  I have been a GM on a number of servers which have all gone except Furia Rose.
How many hours do you play every day:  Its different each day at least 4-5 hours some times it depends on what I have to do.

Why would you like to be a GM:  Well I have the experience and I can interact with other players I'm friendly and try to help them to the best of my knowledge.

Anything Else: Unfortunately I'm not a Developer  so I can't help you with the client.


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